New Work: Yana Tutunik Artist Site

Recently we got the privilege of working with one of our most favorite artists, Yana Tutunik. Her work spans across many mediums, seamlessly moving from collage to illustration – sculpture to video – performance to writing.

She asked us to build her a website, and we were thrilled at the possibilities. After an initial design that functioned almost as a piece of art itself, we went back to the drawing board to put together something Yana could actually use to promote herself. Of importance to Yana was the idea of sequencing and being able to see multiple works at once. Devising a plan to create horizontal rows of her work, we ended up with a simply beautiful horizontal scrolling website. We even customized it a bit – re-mapping the vertical mouse/pad scroll to a horizontal movement. This seamlessness allows users to literally flow through her work, seeing all relevant works together – bringing the narrative to life.

Please check out Yana Tutunik’s beautiful work here:

Tom Hanks Rap. YES.

In this internet era, there are many things that get passed about – especially videos. And when it comes to videos, there’s literally everything you can imagine: pandas sneezing, people getting hurt, people doing really weird things with their faces, people ranting, etc.. etc… But the undisputed king of viral videos HAS to be old celebrity videos.

For some reason the video below has yet to do major footwork around the internet, but holy crap – is it deserving of some SERIOUS air time. It’s Tom Hanks and Dan Akroyd, from the movie Dragnet, performing a rap about how they’re policemen and how badly they wanna lock up these bad guys.

I mean, i don’t think much needs to be said here. this literally speaks for itself (notice how long the verses are!). Tom Hanks Dan Akroyd rapping and dancing (btw this was choreographed by Paula fucking Abdul). Speechless.


It’s a busy monday, but we’re loving this type treatment. Hopefully the movie is as beautiful as the type lockup, but we’ll see!

Are You Gay?

I’ll be the first to admit it took me a really long time to get into Prince—I know, sacrilege. But come on, unless you grew up listening to him, it can be pretty hard to find an entry point into his massive discography. I mean, where would you even START?! I dare you to google “the best prince song” and find a consensus.

But this little joint, Uptown… IT’S FIRE! Granted I’m pretty biased because the wonderful boys behind Only Children put out an incredible rework/beef-up of this tune, and that’s really when I first realized “HOLY CRAP Prince is amazing”. Between his voice, cunning lyrics and light-years ahead of it’s time musicality… shit, I mean, what more can I say? Early lyrics in this song say “She said, ‘Are you gay?’ Kinda took me by surprise, I didn’t know what to do. I just looked her in her eyes, And I said, ‘No, are you?’” I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE! THIS DUDE IS INCREDIBLE.

And after watching copious amounts of live footage, I can really only say… Hail to the King: Prince.

Lightweight Stacey

There are many, MANY, Content Management System (or CMS) websites/applications out there. From the ubiquitous WordPress, to the artsy Cargo Collective, to the user-friendly Cushy CMS and the business-geared Shopify. All of these services provide something that, just a few years ago, was out of reach for most people: easy website building.

As the blog model became a bigger and bigger influence over our daily lives & national culture (remember Livejournal?), “normal” people started picking up the publication mantle and began creating their own “blogs”. For years, most people put a distinction between a blog and a website – although in all technical senses the two are identical. But as our media culture became saturated with blogger celebs like Perez Hilton, we stopped seeing the difference and early adopters began modding their blogs to the hills and back. Eventually WordPress opened up their template system, allowed for multiple page themes, and ka-boom—here we are.

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You’re My Star

SBTRKT’s album was by far my favorite album of 2011, and even though there are plenty of great remixes of tunes off the album, none really stood out as adding something that was missing, or doing it better than the original.

But then i saw this acoustic cover version, and…. wow. WOW i tell you!

Matter Magazine: For Men that Matter

Matter is a new biannual publication, from the team behind Kilimanjaro, that records the ways in which new and developing technology affects culture, lifestyle, fashion, and the arts.

Created by the studio behind the acclaimed arts and culture magazine Kilimanjaro, Matter shares the former’s curatorial approach to design and content. Designed to appeal to a consumer eager to tap into an ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated world, with particular regard to the twin disciplines of high-end design and culture.

These days there’s definitely no shortage of blogs/magazines geared at Men & Geek-culture, but that doesn’t mean any of them are quality. Sure there are more than a few publications with epic editorials, beautiful photography and intriguing articles — but they all seem to fall short in one way or another. Even my current favorite mag, Fantastic Man, seems to be missing key culture in it’s pages.

This is why Matter is really exciting to me — it promises to be a pitch perfect mix of real world tech, and conceptual discussions about our ever-changing culture. This second part is what seems to be missing from nearly all publications out there (save 032c). How do these changes affect us in a day-to-day matter, but also how is our world changing (in the greater sense) because of our daily actions?

I’ve signed up for my subscription, and I’m really excited to get my first copy soon.

via Swiss Legacy

p.s, thanks to me taking forever to actually post this article, you all get an extra little video about the making of Matter. Short, Sweet and Sexy. enjoy!

Matter Magazine in Production


It takes a lot to creep us out, (especially via YouTube, where the plethora of creepiness is overly well documented) but we have to admit that this video pulled it off.

A slowed down Olsen twins song from the 90s adds just the right amount of creepy fanaticism. It also seems like a much more honest portrait of these children. They build a pizza with every topping (un)imaginable. The slowed down version puts a gleam in their eye that’s both revolting and reminiscent of those Charlie Manson interviews.

Thank god for the Internet, right? Enjoy.

Jazzwell Radio

Our good friend Jazzwell has been putting out an amazing music podcast he’s dubbed “Ear Therapy“. And boy if that isn’t a spot on title.

Each and every episode Jazzwell (or Mikey) puts out is chock full of great tunes. Ranging the gamut from lo-fi indie rock to deep house to big rock tunes to old crate hip hop. Mikey also features guest hosts pretty frequently. This smart move keeps the podcast fresh, and although most of the hosts are as eclectic as the founder, each of them has a unique spin.

I (Daniel) was recently asked to put together my 3rd installment of the series. This time I was doing Episode 35 (my previous episodes were 7 and 13), and I was really pumped. I put together a pretty mellow and wintery episode, but made to sure to warm it up towards the end.

You can get my episode of Ear Therapy right here. But I highly recommend subscribing through iTunes so you stay up to date. And catch back episodes (13 is an all Brazilian set!) to beef up your musical knowledge & enjoyment.

Have a Hip-House Christmas

Happy Holiday’s everyone! It’s been awhile since our last post – between battering work and family/friends time (plus a business trip or two), we’ve been slammed! Every year it’s the same and thats why to us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Our gears have been turning, and we’ve been churning out a lot of great stuff that we’ll be sharing with you all very soon. A ton of great work for some really amazing clients, plus a couple new Humble Giants projects (stay tuned if you like music!). As you can tell, we’re really excited about it all. 2012 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for our team, and we can’t wait to share it with you guys as we go & grow.

But in the meantime, our buddy Nathan Martin (DJ N8) put out an exquisite DJ Mix. Featuring some amazing mixing and an impeccable track list, this mix embodies a good DJ mix. We’re not surprised at the quality, and neither should you.

Enjoy it here, download it here – and have a wonderful holiday!

The Art of Fli… WHOA.

Every now and then a video comes out that completely redefines action sports videos. A few years ago, Yeah, Right! did this for skateboarding videos. By taking everything to the next level (both in filming, editing, locations and skating), Yeah, Right! raised skateboarding to a higher plane than just “Those damn skateboarders!”.

And now, in 2011, a new video came out that attempts to do the same for snowboarding. The Art of Flight is a next-level adventure that dares you to forget it. From the website:

A new breed of action sports film comes to life as Red Bull Media House, in association with Brain Farm Digital Cinema, present “The Art of FLIGHT,” a Curt Morgan film. Equal parts action and adventure mix with the inevitable drama encountered along the way. Two years in the making, “The Art of FLIGHT” gives iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and friends the opportunity to redefine what is possible in the mountains. Experience the highs, as new tricks are landed and new zones opened, alongside the lows, where avalanches, accidents and wrong-turns strike. For the first time, viewers are immersed in the sometimes successful, often trying quest to open up new, unexplored mountains in remote corners of the world.

Couldn’t have said it better myself. But I probably could have said it shorter by saying: “holy crap that looks amazing!”.

Johnny & Mary

I know what you’re thinking: “holy crap, robert palmer is cool”. And you’d be pretty on point. From his hit single “Addicted to Love”, to his work with the legendary Duran Duran, dude was pretty on point.

But of course my favorites, Kisses, had to come along and totally blow one of his lesser known tracks, Johnny and Mary, out of the water. Below is their version of the tune, and after the jump is the video for the original.

Palmer was dope, but nothing is as cool as 80′s chic 2011 style. get used to it!

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New Work: Kim Schoen Artist Site

Our latest just went live this week – a brand new, interactive, website for Photographer & Artist, Kim Schoen.

Check it out here:

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Looking forward to checking this out once it hits the streets. Us humans are always changing and our perceptions about life, maturity and death are oh so fickle. I never considered that teens were an actual invention, much like domestic pets.

Based on a groundbreaking book by the punk author Jon Savage, Teenage is an unconventional historical film about the invention of teenagers. Bringing to life fascinating youth from the early 20th century—from party-crazed Flappers and hipster Swing Kids to brainwashed Nazi Youth and frenzied Sub-Debs—the film reveals the pre-history of modern teenagers and the struggle between adults and adolescents to define youth.

Incredible archival material mixes seamlessly with 16mm recreations featuring actors. Based on actual teenage diaries, the footage resembles period home movies made by kids themselves. Stylized narration dramatizes this turbulent story and a contemporary soundtrack heightens emotions. The result is a visually explosive, pop meditation on how teenagers were born.

End of an Era

It’s officially been reported that Steve Jobs passed today.

Need we say more?

Goodnight, folks.

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