New Work: Broken Homme

One of our favorite photographers right now has to be the team behind Broken Homme – so we were super proud to do their new website. Broken Homme is actually a leather boot company, and their style is on-point and so sultry – and we’re not just talking about the photos. Their boot collection, dropping this Fall, is shaping up to be one of the finest lines of footwear we’ve seen in a hot minute.

When we heard they were in need of a kick-ass website to show off their collection, friends & happenings, we sprung at the opportunity to pull out all the web magic we know and create something fresh, clean and stylish. What we ended up with is a website that really builds off the clarity & attention-grabbing nature of full-screen background websites.

Utilizing Video clips and Photo Slideshows (which the boys shot & edited) as the backdrop to the site, we created something that grabs your attention and reels you in. With this as the main focus, we worked hard to keep all the text out of your face, and created a system where text is almost invisible until you hover over it, and decide to read about what you’re seeing.

We’re super stoked with the results and are very proud to share the work we’ve been doing with you. And above all, we’re super pleased to have gotten a chance to collaborate with the Broken Homme team – we know they’re headed for big things, and opportunities like this are a dime-a-dozen.

Check out the site in it’s full glory here:

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