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MATERIAL issue 3 Berlin Launcha

Our favorite artist-run magazine, MATERIAL Press, is hosting their Issue 3 Launch Party in Berlin next week (August 11th) – the event features 2 live performances (by Stephanie Taylor & Alice Könitz and David Raymond Conroy)  and a unique installation by Natalie Häusler, all happening at Motto Berlin. To spread the good word, MATERIAL wanted to create a fun, unique, event site, so they asked Humble Giants to help create it.

We decided to play with the typography (Fortescue), colors & ideas of Issue 3 – while presenting information specific to the event. Issue 3 features a first for MATERIAL – color! The banana yellow is amazing on print, so we decided to recreate that on the web. We then tackled presenting the various bits of information needed by playing with the idea of concatenation (which is the crux of Issue 3). 

The main title text, is actually the main menu – revealing brief bits of info about each event on roll over. The pop-ups keep the user on the press release site, while playing with the idea of chaining words & events together. Each event/pop-up layers over the other, and the interplay is continuously changed as a user plays with the menu & clicks around. The function helps a user get lost in the environment – a call back to both the event, and the idea behind Issue 3. 

Putting together this minimalist 1-page site was a huge challenge, but a lot of fun as well. We put together the site in record time (essentially over the weekend) but were still able to create something unique, relative & engaging. The response has been great – but most importantly, we’re really happy with the outcome.

Check out the site for yourself – we dare you not to get tangled in the web!
Visit Pull the Stops Out, Come On!  

MATERIAL issue 3 Berlin Launcha

MATERIAL issue 3 Berlin Launcha

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