Our favorite comedy podcast HAS to be the wonderful & charming, Comedy Bang Bang, and now it’s going to have it’s own TV show! A bold move on the part of CBB, and a big gamble on the part of IFC, the clip below shows that the gamble is definitely going to pay off.

With a constant flow of great guests, off-beat special guests, word games and irreverence, CBB is helping define the new era of audio-only “talk” shows — a genre MANY said was dead. Harkening back to what we all think of as “radio” shows, or “stories”, where lack of visual cues becomes a tool in the artists tool belt – CBB takes the audience on a ride every episode. Beyond an off-mic sound guy, CBB tricks and plays with the listener in a way that very few programs (radio or television) have ever been allowed to. They put the onus squarely on the listener, to sort truth from fiction, reality from improvisation.

With the IFC Show on their roster now too, they may just be re-defining TV Sketch/Talk shows as well. But, let’s not forget the ground-breaking work put in by shows like ‘That Mitchell & Webb Look’ and ‘Portlandia’. We’re very very excited to actually watch a real episode and see how they structure the show for a 30-minute segment, replete with actual commercial breaks. And not to mention the visual aspect! But from the above clip, it seems like CBB has decided to embrace the change, and find ways to translate their audio-hijinx, into video-hijinx. If they can keep it up beyond this 8minute clip, we’re in for a seriously wild ride.

So set your TiVo’s (CBB! comes to IFC in June 2012) and get ready to laugh your ass off. OH! and they’ve got Reggie Watts as the band leader?! ?uestlove can eat it. (jk, we love him too).

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