TAVIK: Visionaries Return

TAVIK Clothing and Humble Giants have had a great working relationship over the last 3 years; as the creative team behind the TAVIK brand, we’ve designed soft goods, tee graphics, advertising creative, catalog layout, and more recently, a beautiful line video & stoic photo shoot.

Our work with TAVIK shines a light on what we do best: translating a brands vision across different mediums and languages. Whether we’re designing a new set of tees, or creating advertising, or concepting new initiatives, our focus has always been on telling TAVIK’s story, in TAVIKs language. Through grueling work deadlines to creative breakthroughs, we’ve forged a consistent voice for TAVIK that is helping them reap rewards in the ever-growing, and changing, clothing industry.

Recently TAVIK got a huge boost through their sale to the hard goods company, Incipio. The collaboration is proving to be fruitful for all involved, and we are stoked to be a part of the process. This kind of innovative thinking, and business relationship, proves that a strong brand voice is more clearly understood by the consumer audience.

As a creative team, this kind of streamlining, and consistency, is what we constantly strive to do for all of our clients. Above this, though, our focus is always on the brand or business, first. We are never satisfied with draping our clients in our “should-be’s” and aesthetic preferences. Striving to express the essence of a brand, using THEIR terms, is mission #1 for the Humble Giants.

We trust our work with TAVIK shines a light on why this approach is so fruitful. Our work with TAVIK has consistently been about being consistent, and this takes time. We’ve been at it for a couple years now, and the benefits are now rolling in. Because our every approach and design, have had the TAVIK voice in focus, the work and outreach has been sincere, and true to the brand.

We’re very proud of our work for TAVIK, and we look forward to many more exciting things as the dust settles with the TAVIK & INCIPIO merger. Please take a minute to check out the “Vacation” promo video we did for TAVIK’s 2012 Summer Line, and more than a few photos from our latest photoshoot (for an upcoming catalog) – we trust you’ll enjoy what you see, and agree with us that a strong voice tells the best story.

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