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Hill House Radio

Many of you may already be aware of our latest self-produced endeavor, Hill House Radio, but for those of you who haven’t, or aren’t quite sure what it is, we’d like to formally introduce you all.

Hill House Radio (HHR) is a bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks) music podcast that the Humble Giants team has been working on, and releasing, since the beginning of 2012 (first episodes released on 1/2/2012 to be exact!). HHR is our attempt to engage with culture and be a content provider. The podcast doesn’t look to revolutionize music or how you listen to music – rather, our goal is to provide a solid 1-hr long playlist to our friends, partners and fans. These are tunes that we, at Humble Giants, listen to, work to and play to – and we thought sharing these would be a great way to give you all a glimpse into our aural world.

We also happen to think these playlists represent some of the best that the music world has to offer, and has offered. HHR isn’t just about current/trending music, it’s about GOOD music. So whether that means a brand new tune from Tanlines (like in the just released, episode #17), a massive classic (like Nightshift from Commodores, episode #16) or a brilliant new remix of a beloved tune (like the Hannes Fischer remix of 93′ Til Infinity, episode #10), we craft every episode with a mind towards flow, not popularity.

As we say on the HHR website:

“Our musical guide is the tap in our foot — blind to borders and eras. So sit back, subscribe and enjoy some great tunes with us. Whether you’re at work, at the gym, mixing a cocktail or just professionally chilling, HHR will have something for you. And if you’re a music buff, a n00b or still listening to Toni Braxton, HHR will probably have something for you too.”

Hill House Radio Website
Link to Subscribe (via iTunes) to HHR

Jazzwell Radio

Our good friend Jazzwell has been putting out an amazing music podcast he’s dubbed “Ear Therapy“. And boy if that isn’t a spot on title.

Each and every episode Jazzwell (or Mikey) puts out is chock full of great tunes. Ranging the gamut from lo-fi indie rock to deep house to big rock tunes to old crate hip hop. Mikey also features guest hosts pretty frequently. This smart move keeps the podcast fresh, and although most of the hosts are as eclectic as the founder, each of them has a unique spin.

I (Daniel) was recently asked to put together my 3rd installment of the series. This time I was doing Episode 35 (my previous episodes were 7 and 13), and I was really pumped. I put together a pretty mellow and wintery episode, but made to sure to warm it up towards the end.

You can get my episode of Ear Therapy right here. But I highly recommend subscribing through iTunes so you stay up to date. And catch back episodes (13 is an all Brazilian set!) to beef up your musical knowledge & enjoyment.