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Matter Magazine: For Men that Matter

Matter is a new biannual publication, from the team behind Kilimanjaro, that records the ways in which new and developing technology affects culture, lifestyle, fashion, and the arts.

Created by the studio behind the acclaimed arts and culture magazine Kilimanjaro, Matter shares the former’s curatorial approach to design and content. Designed to appeal to a consumer eager to tap into an ever-changing and increasingly sophisticated world, with particular regard to the twin disciplines of high-end design and culture.

These days there’s definitely no shortage of blogs/magazines geared at Men & Geek-culture, but that doesn’t mean any of them are quality. Sure there are more than a few publications with epic editorials, beautiful photography and intriguing articles — but they all seem to fall short in one way or another. Even my current favorite mag, Fantastic Man, seems to be missing key culture in it’s pages.

This is why Matter is really exciting to me — it promises to be a pitch perfect mix of real world tech, and conceptual discussions about our ever-changing culture. This second part is what seems to be missing from nearly all publications out there (save 032c). How do these changes affect us in a day-to-day matter, but also how is our world changing (in the greater sense) because of our daily actions?

I’ve signed up for my subscription, and I’m really excited to get my first copy soon.

via Swiss Legacy

p.s, thanks to me taking forever to actually post this article, you all get an extra little video about the making of Matter. Short, Sweet and Sexy. enjoy!

Matter Magazine in Production