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New Work: WAAR Website & Store

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We recently got the pleasure & privilege to work with the fine gents over at We Are Runts (WAAR). The boys at WAAR are alumnus of the infamous COMUNE label & also main players in founding the subsequent CHAPTER brand. Now onto their own venture – the guys are doing some extremely beautiful work using salvaged Army/Military apparel & fabrics. 

When they needed a full fledged website to showcase their brand and sell product online – they turned to us to help them out, and we were more than pleased to oblige. Working with their Art Director (Mike Q – also of Chapter/Comune fame), we helped construct a design & website that focuses heavily on the visual language of the brand, while also giving plenty of room for the fantastic apparel to shine. 

We were able to incorporate everything they wanted into 1 portal for their customers. The site features a blog, informational pages about the brand & it’s collections, and a store section with sellable product. We even customized the look of their Tumblr to match the new site, gave it a custom domain, and incorporated it so that every part of the WAAR experience is unified – giving the site & social media portals, a more polished & thoughtful feel. 

To say we’re proud of the work we’ve done here would be an understatement. As our latest project, we, naturally, also feel it’s one of our strongest to date. The technologies we were able to utilize and build off of provided the WAAR guys with a truly forward looking website that will grow seamlessly as they expand their apparel line. 

We can’t wait to see how WAAR grows as a brand, and we’re very happy to be a part of the creative team that brought WAAR to the online world. 

Check out the site & beautiful clothing these guys are making:

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Nike FlyKnit

It’s unsurprising to hear that Nike has put out a new shoe, or some fancy new material for shoe making. But whats even more exciting than that is when Nike takes that next big step and straight up changes the Paradigm of how we, as a culture, think about shoes, and moreover, fitness apparel.

I’ve previously read that internally, Nike has a challenge to switch Paradigms like this every 10 years. You saw it with their Nike+ technology, and the integration of iPods directly into their product lines. They’ve done this time and time again, sometimes with amazingly powerful results, and sometimes to little fanfare and a sullen disappearance.

But this time, Nike has outdone itself – which is no small feat in and of itself.
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A New Chapter

“Frank Delgadillo announced today that he, along with his sales, marketing and creative team, will be launching a new brand, CHAPTER. CHAPTER assembled as a commitment to autonomy founded by a loyal collective of modern minds and artisan hands willing to uphold their creativity as part of a shared common vision of supporting others curating a similar lifestyle.”

In the ashes of the Comune,
Welcome the new Chapter.