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New Work: GNARLY Clothes Website


This past week we launched yet another epic website for a truly inventive clothing brand: Gnarly Clothes. We’ve gotten the chance to work with Gnarly several times over the last 3 years – most notably on many of their finest pieces. So, when they needed a new website that stayed true to that raw-dog style, they asked us to help them out & we were more than happy to help.

One of the biggest challenges (and opportunities) with the Gnarly site was they needed something that functioned better than their old – all images & pop-ups – website, but that maintained a raw, off-the-cuff, quality to it. Most web design now-a-days is ultra-clean, minimal & life-less – this makes sense because most websites need users to focus on the CONTENT, rather than the design. But with Gnarly, we wanted to scrap all that and take a heavy-handed approach. Things weren’t going to be clean, they shouldn’t be minimal and dammit if they weren’t going to scream personality. 

We began by completely re-thinking how to design a website. We approached it with a print designer / collage artist perspective – where content was merely a thing we used, and by no means the “focus”. We wanted every page to feel unified, but completely unique. Layouts would be smeared and re-done on the fly, but the overall layout would remain. 

When it came time to actually put the thing together, we focused on using the best new technologies, while giving them an off-kilter/dirty aesthetic. The entire website is built on the WordPress platform, and uses absolutely zero Javascript/Flash. This gives the entire site a usability that was unthinkable for their old site. It also allows us to randomize items much faster and efficiently. 

We’re very proud of what we’ve created for Gnarly, and we feel it’s a very unique piece of web design that most designers would never get to create. It’s fast, responsive & built with the latest tech in mind. But it’s also raw, unrefined & aesthetically chaotic. This website is one of the rare cases where we got to create something that truly merges the strengths of our client, with our own strengths – and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

So check out the site, and see what happens when you truly start from the ground up.  






GD June21 Final web

One of our favorite party nights, GET DOWN OC!, has made a triumphant return after a year long hiatus. This week (TONIGHT in fact) is the 2nd installment of the re-energized party night, and we’re so excited! 

From 2010-2011 GET DOWN OC was one of the premier party nights in Downtown Santa Ana, rivaling the might and prowess of the Crosby (one of SoCal’s most known club nights). When it got shut down last fall, it was a terrible blow to all of us who looked forward to getting faced on thursday nights. Not to mention, the lineups & special guests always crushed – to say the least it was a crushing blow to social events in the OC area. 

This week features a stellar local DJ lineup, but the party maestro, Mikey Jazzwell, has so many epic guests up his sleeve that this new iteration of GET DOWN OC will certainly be the most epic to date. 

We’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to Art Direct for GET DOWN OC. From flyers, to the website & branding, we will be crafting a visual identity to match the meditation like stillness, amidst a sweaty mess, that is GET DOWN OC. 

So grab your dancing shoes, and come join us! Every Thursday night from 9-2! And trust us when we say that this is NOT a party to be missed. 

New Work: WAAR Website & Store

Screen Shot 2012 06 15 at 7 41 54 AM

We recently got the pleasure & privilege to work with the fine gents over at We Are Runts (WAAR). The boys at WAAR are alumnus of the infamous COMUNE label & also main players in founding the subsequent CHAPTER brand. Now onto their own venture – the guys are doing some extremely beautiful work using salvaged Army/Military apparel & fabrics. 

When they needed a full fledged website to showcase their brand and sell product online – they turned to us to help them out, and we were more than pleased to oblige. Working with their Art Director (Mike Q – also of Chapter/Comune fame), we helped construct a design & website that focuses heavily on the visual language of the brand, while also giving plenty of room for the fantastic apparel to shine. 

We were able to incorporate everything they wanted into 1 portal for their customers. The site features a blog, informational pages about the brand & it’s collections, and a store section with sellable product. We even customized the look of their Tumblr to match the new site, gave it a custom domain, and incorporated it so that every part of the WAAR experience is unified – giving the site & social media portals, a more polished & thoughtful feel. 

To say we’re proud of the work we’ve done here would be an understatement. As our latest project, we, naturally, also feel it’s one of our strongest to date. The technologies we were able to utilize and build off of provided the WAAR guys with a truly forward looking website that will grow seamlessly as they expand their apparel line. 

We can’t wait to see how WAAR grows as a brand, and we’re very happy to be a part of the creative team that brought WAAR to the online world. 

Check out the site & beautiful clothing these guys are making:

Screen Shot 2012 06 15 at 7 42 21 AMScreen Shot 2012 06 15 at 7 42 11 AMScreen Shot 2012 06 15 at 7 42 31 AMScreen Shot 2012 06 15 at 7 42 46 AMScreen Shot 2012 06 15 at 7 43 15 AM

Pantone Unveils 336 New Colors?!

The almighty gods of color, Pantone, have unleashed a treasure trove of new colors on the world (or well, on art directors & print designers) today.

In one of it’s biggest expansions since June 2011 (when they added 175 colors for home & fashion use), Pantone brings to the table a bunch of new shades for it’s popular Pantone Plus Series. The new colors are a beautiful mix of undertones, mid tones, pastels and vibrant hues. With this new addition, the Pantone Plus Series has a whopping 1, 677 colors.

From Pantone:

Pantone is committed to continually deliver essential color inspiration and innovation to creatives and color professionals. Designers consistently demand more colors to differentiate their work and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Pantone created the 336 New Colors with this in mind, expanding all color ranges to offer designers greater creative freedom.

And while it may not seem like a big deal – “i mean, it’s just colors, who CARES?” – this kind of visual color expansion reminds us that color, design & the general creative practice, is always growing. These may not be “new” colors, but bringing them to the designers toolkit means we’ll see these awesome new colors, with new names to boot, springing up in design work from the biggest agencies, to the smallest bedroom studios. And as designers ourselves, we’re thrilled to try out some of these new shades.

Nike FlyKnit

It’s unsurprising to hear that Nike has put out a new shoe, or some fancy new material for shoe making. But whats even more exciting than that is when Nike takes that next big step and straight up changes the Paradigm of how we, as a culture, think about shoes, and moreover, fitness apparel.

I’ve previously read that internally, Nike has a challenge to switch Paradigms like this every 10 years. You saw it with their Nike+ technology, and the integration of iPods directly into their product lines. They’ve done this time and time again, sometimes with amazingly powerful results, and sometimes to little fanfare and a sullen disappearance.

But this time, Nike has outdone itself – which is no small feat in and of itself.
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It’s a busy monday, but we’re loving this type treatment. Hopefully the movie is as beautiful as the type lockup, but we’ll see!

Green Lantern

Great little advertising video for the movie Green Lantern, brought to you by Lorem, São Paulo. This awesome idea shows off the best of guerilla advertising. They found a group to latch onto, promote through them—without any effort to the bikers—and attract an audience.

I can just imagine the excitement of riding on one of these, knowing everyones looking at you wondering whats going on. And the excitement being on the ground as one of these zooms by. At the very least it’d prompt me to do some research and find out why these green LEDs, why the messages?

Advertisers and AD Agencies always want to focus on drive, CTA (call to action), and turn-over. Sometimes this focus leads us/them down the wrong path – to a self-serving agenda. Companies whose sole goal is to make you buy, watch, participate in something that gives nothing back, are easily pin-pointed by consumers.

As capitalism/consumerism grows in this country, and all around the world, consumers are wising up. Long gone are the days when a pimple cream advert could tell you it would get you all the girls. Long gone are the ways of advertising that made you want the physical product, the hunk of plastic, and not the experience or benefit of owning it. As advertisers try and stick to these old ideals, they fall out of favor with their audiences.

But, as brands and companies begin to experiment with advertising – creating EVENTS, moments, memories and connections, they gain something much more important than a one-time customer: they create an interested, vested and loyal fan base.

Ariel Chiesa

Got an email about the collage work of Ariel Chiesa, Art Director from Argentina.

Really digging on the face distortions and covering. He has some great work, now if there only was more information about him!

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James Victore

Pretty aggressive, but also really insightful. James Victore cuts through the bullshit and talks about the design business in a real way. It’s rare to see, but beautiful when done well. Bravo.

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Inflate is a design and production company with offices around the world to service an ever growing demand for rapid structure solutions that are more than just a marquee! With 15 years of dedicated design expertise with Inflatables of all sizes, our joined up back end manufacturing capabilities offer accurate and fast turn arounds for all scale of buildings. Inflate really does offer a genuine opportunity never known before for its clients and partners globally. Established in 1995, Inflate offers a range of award winning, architecturally stimulating stock structures that have been designed specifically to suit

the portable and temporary events market. The range encompasses light, easy and quick to use interior products such as the Office in a Bag, which can be fully installed in less than 10 minutes, to the hugely impressive Trident 24, which covers enough space to sit 360 people in a dining configuration. When you buy into Inflate, you don’t just buy a structure – you buy into the brand, the innovation, vision and quality. You buy consistency across all of these areas that are delivered time and time again- you buy a little vision into the future.

The crew over at Inflate have been producing some amazing pop-up structures. They come in tons of sizes, formats and applications, but the massive inflatable structures are by far the coolest of them all. The opportunities these present are literally endless — creating an “inside” space anywhere/anytime affords so many opportunities to bring people together. From parties, to exhibitions, to pop-up stores, these bad-boys are amazing and extremely versatile. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see more and more of these at large, branded promotional events.

Making Britain Modern

Making Britain Modern
July 20th – October 30th 2011
Design Museum London

Kenneth Grange is Britain’s leading product designer, his prolific career spans over 50 years and he is responsible for designing some of the most iconic and familiar products and appliances that shape our daily lives. Kodak cameras, the silhouette for the Intercity 125 train, Kenwood food mixers, Parker pens, and the re-design of the London black cab are just some of his well-known designs.

In 1972 Grange, together with Alan Fletcher, Theo Crosby, Colin Forbes and Mervyn Kurlansky established Pentagram, a world renowned multi-disciplinary design consultancy. More recently, in the 1990s, Grange has produced distinctive designs that have become part of our landscape, from the Adshel bus shelter in 1993 to the Rural Post box for Royal Mail in 1998.

Wish I was in London for such a promising show. Grange’s work spans so many industries and mediums, and his unique visions have always been an inspiration. I mean, he invented the look of Kodak cameras. That’s not huge, that’s MONSTROUS.

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