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I used to know….

Not many great musicians slip past our radar, and Gotye (a Belgian/Australian) is definitely not an exception. We first honed in on him back in 2007, a bit after he dropped 2 massive tracks: “Learnalilgivinanlovin” and “Heart’s a Mess”. Both have received numerous remixes by some of the best underground and popular (but not for remixing) artists. From Ocelot to Passion Pit.

But somehow, Gotye escaped our close gaze all these years – that is, until this summer.

In August Gotye put out his 3rd full length album titled Making Mirrors, and boy is it a doozy. Chock full of brilliant and dizzying melodies, some of the saddest (in an uplifting way) lyrics i’ve heard in awhile and a production quality that is unrivaled by most self-produced albums.

The video above is for the second single off this effort, “Somebody That I Used to Know”. This was the first hit that hooked us, and here in the HG offices, we haven’t stopped dropping this tune daily. It’s dripping in sweat, while it stays cool to the touch. The sad disdain, the challenging vocals and the interplay between Gotye and Kimbra all combine to create a stunning tune, and an arresting video.

Gotye is firmly on our radar, and he should be on yours as well. With 3 solid albums behind him, he’s ready to fully take over.

Reel to Reel Mixtape?

The man, Rex the Dog, is killing it again. Coming back to the UK with a hard night of dancing called, BREED, Rex has been putting out mixtapes as promotion for the nights. This is the 3rd of Three mixes he’s doing for BREED 2.

But this time, Rex stepped up and stepped up big! Recording this entire mix using the technology of a Reel to Reel tape machine. Yeah, let that sit in your mind for a second. HE USES ANALOG REEL TO REEL TO MAKE A MIXTAPE!

I really shouldn’t have to say more than the video above. And if you want to cop the whole mix (which is amazingly polished for how analog and vintage it sounds) you can do so below.

Analog just refuses to die. And in a time when everyone is a DJ or Designer, or Developer – physical hand work may be the only thing to set the Best apart from the Rest.

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The Weeknd: Thursday

AHH!!! THE WEEKND is back with another stellar sounding mixtape. Both amazingly delicate, and amazingly NSFW. His first effort, House of Balloons, is a super sexy, dripping in sweat and fucked up beyond belief, type of album. This latest, Thursday, keeps us going down the same vein, but it’s a wide and brilliant vein, so sit back and enjoy the journey.

So Much Love

Together – So Much Love to Give (Viceroy Remix) by VICEROY

This Love’s For Gentlemen Only

Edwin van Cleef – Lisztomania (feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley) by Edwin van Cleef