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Steve Jobs Resigns

Whoa! via Wall Street Journal.

OS X Lion

Finally! Today Apple launched the latest version of their powerful Operating System (or, OS) Lion!

It’s got a ton of new features we’re pretty pumped on. Including Auto-Save (everywhere, any app, any time), Full-Screen Apps, Versions & Resume (probably the coolest addition). Beside these flashy new functions, Apple’s also updated multi-touch gestures, so now you can use the same 2-finger moves you use on your phone, on your computer!

I won’t go into too much more detail, lest the blog get too nerdy and wordy, but suffice it to say that Lion marks a big jump forward for what OS’s and computers should be. Apple is constantly working to make sure that hardware & software are united and working together. Lion is a major step forward in that direction, and I’m very excited to see what comes of this process and how Apple’s competitors will respond.

via Apple