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GD June21 Final web

One of our favorite party nights, GET DOWN OC!, has made a triumphant return after a year long hiatus. This week (TONIGHT in fact) is the 2nd installment of the re-energized party night, and we’re so excited! 

From 2010-2011 GET DOWN OC was one of the premier party nights in Downtown Santa Ana, rivaling the might and prowess of the Crosby (one of SoCal’s most known club nights). When it got shut down last fall, it was a terrible blow to all of us who looked forward to getting faced on thursday nights. Not to mention, the lineups & special guests always crushed – to say the least it was a crushing blow to social events in the OC area. 

This week features a stellar local DJ lineup, but the party maestro, Mikey Jazzwell, has so many epic guests up his sleeve that this new iteration of GET DOWN OC will certainly be the most epic to date. 

We’ve also been blessed with the opportunity to Art Direct for GET DOWN OC. From flyers, to the website & branding, we will be crafting a visual identity to match the meditation like stillness, amidst a sweaty mess, that is GET DOWN OC. 

So grab your dancing shoes, and come join us! Every Thursday night from 9-2! And trust us when we say that this is NOT a party to be missed. 


Inflate is a design and production company with offices around the world to service an ever growing demand for rapid structure solutions that are more than just a marquee! With 15 years of dedicated design expertise with Inflatables of all sizes, our joined up back end manufacturing capabilities offer accurate and fast turn arounds for all scale of buildings. Inflate really does offer a genuine opportunity never known before for its clients and partners globally. Established in 1995, Inflate offers a range of award winning, architecturally stimulating stock structures that have been designed specifically to suit

the portable and temporary events market. The range encompasses light, easy and quick to use interior products such as the Office in a Bag, which can be fully installed in less than 10 minutes, to the hugely impressive Trident 24, which covers enough space to sit 360 people in a dining configuration. When you buy into Inflate, you don’t just buy a structure – you buy into the brand, the innovation, vision and quality. You buy consistency across all of these areas that are delivered time and time again- you buy a little vision into the future.

The crew over at Inflate have been producing some amazing pop-up structures. They come in tons of sizes, formats and applications, but the massive inflatable structures are by far the coolest of them all. The opportunities these present are literally endless — creating an “inside” space anywhere/anytime affords so many opportunities to bring people together. From parties, to exhibitions, to pop-up stores, these bad-boys are amazing and extremely versatile. I’ll be surprised if we don’t see more and more of these at large, branded promotional events.

90′s Nostalgia!

“Starting next Monday, TeenNick, part of the Nickelodeon family of cable channels for children, will start rebroadcasting old series from the 1990s that are considered classics by young adults. That’s right: classics from the 1990s.”

The repeats will run between midnight and 4 a.m. under the title “The ’90s Are All That,” a reference to one of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows in that decade, “All That.” That sketch comedy show (1994 to 2005) is one of the first to be featured in the block, along with the sitcoms “Clarissa Explains It All” (1991 to 1994) and “Kenan & Kel” (1996 to 2001) and the cartoon “Doug” (1991 to 1994).

The channel says that Facebook feedback will influence which other shows it rotates into the block. Research has convinced Nickelodeon executives that the Web — a repository of cherished childhood memories — “is allowing young people to be nostalgic, probably sooner than other generations,” said Cyma Zarghami, the channel’s president.

As much as I’m into this for personal reasons, I think this story really shows the true power of Facebook. It’s also a sign of how a brand has really listened to it’s base, stayed open to change, and are going to reap the rewards.

With this move, Nickelodeon has re-reached the audience that grew up with them, re-establishing connections that spark childhood memories for the audience. The internet has blown up over this story, ensuring that this move will, at least for a time, be a big money-maker. It’s moves like this that keeps a brand relevant, interesting and appealing to their customers – both old AND new.

via NY Times

Bikes Win!

In a race from Burbank to Long Beach, the WolfPack Hustle (bicycle crew) won over a Jetblue Airplane

For those of you who missed out this weekend, Carmageddon rocked happened in Los Angeles. Out of all the hooplah, the BEST thing to happen was the Bike versus Airplane race. Jetblue decided to offer 4 $4 flights from Burbank to Long Beach during Carmageddon – offering you the chance to fly over all the traffic “problems”. The news of this spread quickly and sparked an interest in the notorious Wolfpack Hustle – Los Angeles’ premier speed-based bicycle crew. They decided to challenge Jetblue and see who would win from Burbank to Long Beach.

The results are in and the bikes have handedly whooped Jetblue. YES!!

Don’t forget, on Twitter it’s #FLIGHTvsBIKE

read more at LAist

A New Chapter

“Frank Delgadillo announced today that he, along with his sales, marketing and creative team, will be launching a new brand, CHAPTER. CHAPTER assembled as a commitment to autonomy founded by a loyal collective of modern minds and artisan hands willing to uphold their creativity as part of a shared common vision of supporting others curating a similar lifestyle.”

In the ashes of the Comune,
Welcome the new Chapter.