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Event: Language & Uncertainty

Language & Uncertainty: Artist talk with Kim Schoen and Cody Trepte
Jul 23, 2011 – Jul 23, 2011
Saturday, 1-3 pm

Kim Schoen and Cody Trepte will discuss the links between their practices in a conversation organized around a series of paired works, shared in a diptych slide show. The pairs were selected to outline some of the threads that run between their practices — covering process, themes of science, language, and the pleasure in uncertainty.

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Earth Bound, Sky Bound

“The photographs are not precious and special, they are just a set of snap shots that are unified by the horizontal line of the horizon. When I took the photographs I was happy and inspired in a cliche way, a took a snap shot of the view to mark the special moment. I did not take them as ‘beautiful photographs’ instead see them a amateur snap shots of ‘beautiful moments’.”
- Daniel Eatock

Earth Bound, Sky Bound
A photograph book by artist Daniel Eatock.

via Swiss Legacy

the Humble Giants

News from a Little Hill is a platform for Showcases, Rarities, Editorials, News & Thoughts from (and about) Humble Giants.

We are Humble Giants; a creative faction working in Advertising, Design & Film. With two multi-skilled principles, Mark Powell & Daniel Lucas, we employ a wide range of partners and collaborators that gives us the strength of a massive team. This flexibility allows us to adjust in size dependent on the given scope and budget of any project.

News from a Little Hill (NFALH) is a dispatch from Humble Giants as a unified voice. What interests us, what we’re looking at, reading, watching, listening to. The people influencing us, the products we hold near. All of this, plus some missives about our own work out in the world, is what NFALH is all about.

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