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TAVIK: Visionaries Return

TAVIK Clothing and Humble Giants have had a great working relationship over the last 3 years; as the creative team behind the TAVIK brand, we’ve designed soft goods, tee graphics, advertising creative, catalog layout, and more recently, a beautiful line video & stoic photo shoot.

Our work with TAVIK shines a light on what we do best: translating a brands vision across different mediums and languages. Whether we’re designing a new set of tees, or creating advertising, or concepting new initiatives, our focus has always been on telling TAVIK’s story, in TAVIKs language. Through grueling work deadlines to creative breakthroughs, we’ve forged a consistent voice for TAVIK that is helping them reap rewards in the ever-growing, and changing, clothing industry.

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Muppets & OK GO

Those brilliant guys in Ok Go are back with another video. This time they’ve teamed up with The Muppets to put together a music video for their version of the Muppets theme song! Haha, I wonder who came up with this idea – but it doesn’t matter. This straight silliness is way too much fun.

Check out the video. My favorite part is when the puppets become the puppet masters!

Jensen Sportag

No words. Just amazing.

What You Need

The Weeknd has been putting out some really amazing Washed out, Filtered and Haunting 90′s style RnB. The sound has been catching on, with acts like How To Dress Well forging the way, and I can’t say I’m upset about it. “What You Need” is chock full of dreamy nastiness, and the music video delivers, with a beautiful mix of late-night haze with a dirty sexy love story. Pitch perfect.

Yeah, Yeah and I’m Alright

If nothing else, this riveting video from pop-darlings Foster The People, must have been one hell of a fun shoot. Everyone on the internet keeps calling this a “Mad Max meets Lord of the Flies” music video. But I reject such stereotypes – this video is more like “The Hills Have Eyes meets Hook”. Yeah, sure, why not.

Silver City

Chi-Town sweethearts, Hey Champ, have put out a great little love-tribute to their city. Silver City plays out as a big love song to the windy city. Don’t believe me? The chorus lyrics are: “Chi-town never Brooklyn, Chi-town never sold, Chi-town never Californicationed, Chi-town is our home”. And if that isn’t enough, you guessed it, the entire video was filmed in Chicago. Hitting up the bands favorite spots and hometown favorite locales, the video is dripping with windy sweat. Either way, Hey Champ’s got my love and this video, while being typical and generic, still manages to be fun and not seem like a “hey fuck all you other cities!”.

Nike Chosen

Nike’s new “Chosen” campaign, asks extreme athletes (pro and amateur) from around the world to participate in a video challenge. Participants are asked to take video of THEIR crew, doing “what they do”, upload it to the dedicated Nike Chosen site, and from there people online will vote for the worlds BEST Crew.

To help support the campaign, Nike put together this amazing introduction video. I caught it on TV late at night, and it blew me away. The lack of branding, messaging and selling gives way to a beautiful work of art that captivates you through to the end, and when the Nike logo finally appears at the end, you sure won’t forget it.

the Humble Giants

News from a Little Hill is a platform for Showcases, Rarities, Editorials, News & Thoughts from (and about) Humble Giants.

We are Humble Giants; a creative faction working in Advertising, Design & Film. With two multi-skilled principles, Mark Powell & Daniel Lucas, we employ a wide range of partners and collaborators that gives us the strength of a massive team. This flexibility allows us to adjust in size dependent on the given scope and budget of any project.

News from a Little Hill (NFALH) is a dispatch from Humble Giants as a unified voice. What interests us, what we’re looking at, reading, watching, listening to. The people influencing us, the products we hold near. All of this, plus some missives about our own work out in the world, is what NFALH is all about.

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